Developing the health and well-being of local communities can be a powerful catalyst for strengthening local capacity.

  • The Quebec Community Health and Social Services Foundation (QCSF)
    • Actively building of sustainable, vibrant English-speaking communities across Quebec by supporting existing local charities
  • Partnering with local Networking and Partnership Initiatives (NPI)
    • To develop charitable activities
    • Playing a leadership role in the development of socially innovative projects with NPI groups
  • The Patient Navigator
    • Through projects like the Patient Navigator, building charitable activities that support better access to English-language health and social services.

Our programs and services include:

Supporting existing English-speaking communities’ charitable organizations working in the area of health and social services

  • Develop training sessions
    • Fund raising
    • Business-plan development
    • Donor management
    • Responsible management of community assets
  • Link community foundations to services currently available in Quebec City
    • Investment portfolio management
    • Planned giving
  • Distribute best practices
    • Tools  
    • Other resources to promote local philanthropy

Create and lead innovative charitable projects in partnership with Networking and Partnership Initiatives

Through a formal partnership with local communities: 

  • Develop charitable projects that promote the health and well-being of English-speaking communities across the province of Quebec


Promote social innovation projects and social financing projects with Networking and Partnership Initiatives

  • Share resources on social innovation
  • Social financing to improve community understanding
  • Training sessions, tools, and other resources
  • Promote the advantages of developing socially innovative projects at the community level
  • Lead social innovation projects (example: TYZE)