About Us

Since 1859, the Quebec Community Health and Social Services Foundation (QCHF) has been a vital, community-based resource for the care and well-being of those in need.

The QCHF will support the development of vibrant English-speaking communities that:

  • Have a sense of the future they want
  • Have the knowledge needed to shape their futures
  • Have the skills needed to bring about the change they desire
  • Have a sense of belonging that roots individuals in their communities
  • Have a sense of identity that people relate to
  • Have a strong pool of talented people willing to participate in developing their community
  • Have opportunities for wide participation

Our Mission

QCHF is a community foundation dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of English-speaking communities in Quebec.


Our Vision

QCHF’s vision for English-speaking communities across the province of Quebec to be:

  • Engaged in charitable health and social service activities to promote better access to service in English;
  • Equipped with the tools and resources needed to develop and sustain local social innovation projects to support community and social financing initiatives; 
  • Given access to grants for health and social services charitable activities;
  • Beneficiaries of viable local fund raising capacities in the area of health and social services.



Helping communities help themselves.
— Jennifer Johnson, Executive Directior CHSSN