The Ladies Protestant Home painted by Miriam Blair

The Ladies Protestant Home painted by Miriam Blair

The Foundation has a long history starting in 1859 when it was founded as The Ladies’ Protestant Home, a temporary shelter for poor and destitute Protestant immigrant women, which it served for almost 100 years.  




1950 - 1990

In the 1950s, its mandate expanded to all seniors, and to non-Protestants, Francophones, and men before closing down in 1990. 

1990 onwards

In 1990, it amalgamated its services with St Brigid’s Home. Despite this dramatic change in mandate, the Foundation remained active by using its assets from the sale of its facility to promote the development of health and social services for English-speakers in Quebec City as the Quebec Ladies Home Foundation, supporting the establishment of the Holland Centre and the Jeffrey Hale Community of Care among other innovations in community-based services. 


In 2011, the foundation’s name was changed again to the Quebec Community Health and Social Services Foundation (QCHF) and its mandate was widened to include all English-speaking communities across the province of Quebec.